Here Is Why Wooden Toys Are the Best Ones

When considering buying a toy or gift, be smart and buy wood.
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Created: 10/12/2020

There is something very special about wooden toys. You might have fond memories of them yourself as a child, and as it turns out, they might just be one of the savviest and safest kinds of toys around. 


Are wooden toys or construction kits better than plastic?

Wooden toys and modeling kits never really go out of style. The touch, feel, and robustness of them means they can withstand the rigors of rough play and accidents for years. In fact, many antique wooden toys are still as good today as the day they were carved or made.

When it comes to the environment, wooden toys are hands down the better choice when compared with plastic ones. They are biodegradable and can even be made from sustainable wood sources.

wooden toys blocks
Source: Simon Law/Flickr

Great quality wooden kits and toys will also lack any PVC, phthalates, or other chemicals that are commonly found in plastic toys, too. Cheaper wooden toys, however, tend to be made of plywood and can be packed with toxic glues and may even leach formaldehyde. Older wooden toys, models, and kits may also contain lead-based paints so that is something to consider too.

There is something aesthetically pleasing about wooden toys, whether they are painted or not. Being a natural material, its smell and feel are pleasurable to children of all ages.

Good quality wooden toys are also great for developing children's imaginations. Sets of basic blocks with no obvious purpose force children to use their creativity to build towers, pyramids, walls, arches, and anything they can think of to build.

wooden toys versus plastic
Source: IG/Flickr

What are the benefits of wooden toys?

We have already touched on some of the main advantages of wooden toys above, but there are some other important ones too.

  • Wooden toys are very safe - Children tend to stick toys in the mouth, and for this reason, wooden toys are a much safer choice than metal or plastic which can break and become sharp. Of course, always check that they are not made of cheaper plywood which can contain nasty chemicals.
  • Wooden toys tend to be cheaper in the long run - The upfront cost is usually higher than plastic alternatives, but the longevity of wooden toys makes them a wise purchase. You will likely be able to give your grandchildren their parent's wooden toys in decades to come.
  • Wood just looks great - Wood is timeless and admittedly easy on the eye. The touch, smell, and look of wood have appealed to human beings for many millennia. For this reason, high-quality wooden toys and models double as amazing decorations for your home.
wooden toys
Source: Phil Parker/Flickr

What are some of the best wooden toys on the market?

According to sources like The Spruce, some of the best wooden toys on the market are as follows: 

  • Manhattan Toy Skwish Natural Rattle and Teether (Best for babies)
  • Wooden Toys Stacking Train Blocks Pull Toy  (Best for toddlers)
  • Crate & Barrel Brownstone Dollhouse Deluxe Set
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set (Best blocks set)
  • Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike (Best wooden ride-on toy)
  • Pottery Barn Kids Charlie Kitchen Collection (Best wooden kitchen)
  • SainSmart Jr. Wooden Tetris Puzzle (Best puzzle)
  • Melissa & Doug Wood Workbench Play Building Set (Best tool set)
  • Hape Rock and Ride Kids Wooden Rocking Horse (Best rocking horse)

But there is a newer kid on the block (pun intended) that you might want to check out. Called Eco-Wood-Art (EWA), this startup is making waves with their collection of specially designed wooden models and interior decoration.

Who is Eco-Wood-Art?

EWA is a Belarus-based manufacturer and wholesaler of wooden mechanical construction kits, self-assembling models, and toys for teens and adults. They were founded in 2016, and have a dedicated team of professionals who work hard to create construction kits of realistic mechanical models made of natural wood.

EWA has a great range of kits from medieval siege engines, wildlife models, and astronomy construction kits to fidget toys, trains, motorcycles, and many more.

Their products come on pre-cut sprues and do not need any special tools to cut out or assemble. On some occasions, given the nature of wood, you may need a utility knife to cut some small connectors.

Models are easy to assemble and can be painted later according to your taste. For working mechanical models, it is best to thin down your paints to not prevent the mechanism from working.

ewa tortoise
EWA "Turtle" is one of their newest additions. This model can actually walk! Source: EWA

EWA models include rubber-bands, sandpaper, paraffin candles, paperclips, and toothpicks that may require a stationery knife to aid assembly. Other than that, they should be very easy to build.

Their range of models and toys are targeted at young teens and adults.

ewa models tank
Source: EWA

What kind of wooden products does EWA produce?

As we have already mentioned, EWA produces a wide range of mechanical models and toys as well as some interesting interior puzzle decorations. Their products can be shipped globally, and they also come with a warranty. Like any reputable supplier, they provide fair returns and exchange policy.

All their products are eco-friendly, require self-assembly, and will develop a child's understanding of mechanics and boost their creativity.

Each of their models is exquisitely and cleverly designed with nice aesthetic details. While you can paint over them, it is almost a shame to do so.

ewa models globe
EWA's mechanical globe. Source: EWA

You might want to check out their ever-growing catalog of products to see the options. Some of their most interesting models include: 

  • A 3D "Turtle" (Tortoise)
  • Gramophone
  • Tractor
  • T-34-85 Tank model
  • Da Vinci Tank
  • Kinetic moving globe
  • Triceratops
  • Spider
  • BELAZ 75710 model
  • Working wooden planetarium
  • Working wooden trebuchet

Their range of interesting polygonal puzzles is also worth checking out

ewa dragon puzzle wall
EWA's puzzle decorations. Source: EWA

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Solar system
  • Cat
  • Unicorn
  • Flying owl
  • Dragon
  • Bear
  • Elephant
  • Lion head

So, if you are on the market for an interesting gift for a loved one or friend, why not check out EWA's range of mechanical models and polygonal interior puzzles? They will be receiving a gift that they will cherish for years!

It should also be noted that EWA has achieved near worldwide coverage of its products through cooperative networks of partners and colleagues who represent them globally. If you are interested in becoming a reseller or agent for them, check out their website for more details.

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