NASA's Mars Rover Perseverance has just got its own LEGO Technic model. Complete with its app; this might be the best LEGO space-themed kit yet.

Many people have modified their bicycles to fit turbojet engines. Zoffinger, the YouTuber, has now released a new video detailing his DIY journey.

Tejasri Gururaj | 5/1/2023

With artificial intelligence getting ever more sophisticated, it may seem like the future of work is a little precarious. But these AI tools could help.

If you want to improve the usability and visibility of your website, these quick tips and tricks will undoubtedly assist you in making the most out of it.

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If you love aircraft, especially remote-controlled ones, then you'll love a company called AeroTetris. Check out its range of foam replica models.

With lithium-ion batteries lasting a short number of years, there rises the question- How can one keep using our gadgets. An engineer tries his bit.

Amal Jos Chacko | 4/1/2023

Building a database is all fine and dandy, but there is so much more you can sink your teeth into using all that lovely data.

Queries are the core of any powerful database system. They are relatively simple to formulate, but open up many doors.