Resourceful Guy Turns His Vacuum Into an R2-D2 Robot

This is the vacuum droid you are looking for.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Matthew Scott Hunter/ YouTube

Writer, filmmaker, and journalist Matthew Scott Hunter came up with a very clever way to turn his vacuum into a Star Wars-themed robot. The transformation will surprise you.


After spotting a very droid-looking trash can, Hunter was inspired to use a garbage can for his droid’s body and domed head. It turned out pretty good, as you can tell from the picture.

He then made legs out of stiff poster board and used other household items for the details. He also gave it a cool paint job that made it all the more realistic.

Finally, he used an oscillating fan to make the droid's domed head turn back and forth. Meanwhile, a Bluetooth speaker was inserted in the droid's body to play droid sounds as the robot moves.

Since he could not faithfully recreate R2-D2, he called his invention R9-D9. That does not change the fact that all it takes is one look at it to know it's Star Wars-inspired.

The project did not come without drawbacks. Hunter's vacuum can no longer clean under sofas or beds but it's a small price to pay to watch a Star Wars droid clean your house.

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For those concerned about the vacuum's battery life, it should be noted that the droid weighs around 14 pounds, which does not pose a significant strain on the battery. In his video, Hunter says that the droid also mops, can bounce around autonomously, and can even be controlled remotely. 

We love to see projects like this come to life, as they display the best of man's imagination come to life. Great job, Hunter!

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