Simple Yet Genius Idea to Turn Plastic Bottles into Strong Plastic Wire

Russian Youtuber, Адвокат Егоров, has demonstrated a simple yet genius idea of turning plastic bottles into a strong usable wire in such a simple way.
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Almost in the same action as a cheese grater, the blade cuts the bottle at one edge and then it is turned until you are left with a long spool of plastic rope.

Unfortunately, if you don't understand Russian you won't have much of an idea of what he is saying, but the process is simple enough to understand from watching and it is somewhat satisfying to watch.

You see him pulling the rope the length of his garden until the bottle is finished.

You may not need any plastic rope in your life right now but it definitely gives you the urge to try it - it's so simple!

He demonstrates using the rope to bong logs of wood and what's better, no knots required. Due to the plastic material, the rope can be heated and melted down to provide a permanent hold.


Clever ideas for recycling materials are certainly welcome in a world where consumerism is creating so much rubbish and waste, especially for materials like plastic that are non-biodegradable.

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To top it off, he finishes the video by showing a bow and arrow he made using the plastic rope.

So if you thought you didn't need any plastic bottle wire in your life, you probably changed your mind now huh?

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