Here's how DIY YouTubers turned a Tesla Model 3 into a 6-ton electric tank

You'll need giant chain tracks, of course.
Loukia Papadopoulos

There's no doubt we love Tesla transformation. Last month, we brought you the video of Rich Benoit from YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds where he built a 6-wheeled Tesla Model 3.

An amazing DIY

Now, we have another restoration that we dare say is even more impressive than Benoit's. Some adventurous YouTubers called The Real Life Guys decided to turn a Tesla Model 3 into a tank with some giant chain tracks, according to a YouTube video published on Thursday. The end result is a 6-ton electric off-roading machine.

They began by attaching two gigantic tire trains on the Tesla, making the vehicle much taller and much more adept at handling tricky terrain such as mud. Each chain weighs 1.3 tons.

They also had to build a giant steel construction that goes into the tires. They even built a gigantic drive wheel in the construction that would drive the final vehicle forward or backward. The tricky part was making space for the rubber chain.

They built an axle to attach to the Tesla in order to complete their monstrous creation and attached all the pieces together with two huge chains. The steel construction was so massive they had to use a forklift to mount the rubber chain around it.

Testing proved fruitful

Once the first chain was finished, they tested it by pulling it behind a massive truck. Luckily for them, it seemed to move smoothly, tackling difficult terrain like a pro.

They then built a similar chain to go on the other side of the Tesla. Once that was done, they replaced what now seemed like boring old Tesla wheels with these impressive creations.

The end result is an electric vehicle that resembles a tank. This is very forward-thinking as soon enough all our vehicles are bound to be electric, although they are likely not to be built in this innovative and entertaining fashion. Well done, team!

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