This DIY Modular Smart Toy Is Sure to Give You a Lot of Fun

Armz is here to revolutionize leisure with their Do It Yourself smart toys for all ages.
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Created: 2/13/2019

Finding the right toy in such an oversaturated and overplayed landscape can be tricky. At this point, you have seen it all.


However, some toys on the market are here to elevate your “play experience”, providing toys that not only capture the changing technology landscape but that are also fun to use. Armz is your next smart toy.

This DIY Modular Smart Toy Is Sure to Give You a Lot of Fun
Source: Armz

Armz is the ultimate do it yourself smart toy for a lazy Sunday. Whether you are surrounded by family and friends or are looking for DIY fun on your own, Armz brings your “play” into 2019.

Currently available on Kickstarter, Armz is a smart-device controlled, customizable smart toy that comes with a host of unique accessories for all your daily missions.

Say Hello to Armz

The simple to use toy is easy to play with. Young or young at heart, simply attach the needed accessory, connect the phone via Bluetooth to the Armz App and you are ready to go.  

So what’s your mission today? If you are planning to race Armz across your home, connect the RC wheels. Or, if you need to venture across rugged terrain for a rescue mission, attach the precision focused Caterpillar attachment. And, if you are in the mood for a little sumo wrestling the sumo arms are perfect for you.

This DIY Modular Smart Toy Is Sure to Give You a Lot of Fun
Source: Armz

Thanks to the magnetic design of Armz, attachments are easy to add on and have limited wear and tear, making them highly durable.

Even more so, using the Armz app, Armz has the ability to take on different characters with each attachment. Whether you want your Armz to be an animal, robot, or some creature from another planet, the app allows Armz to adopt different behaviors with each attachment.

This DIY Modular Smart Toy Is Sure to Give You a Lot of Fun
Source: Armz

Going Beyond

Equipped with a gyro sensor, Armz is constantly measuring its position, tilt, and impact absorption at all times. However, do not worry too much if Armz takes a tumble down the stairs. The USB- C charged device is made from a very strong non-toxic polycarbonate.

Even more so, the design of the Armz toy, make it easy to transport no matter how big or small you may be, and can even take a few trips with you outdoors.

However, fun with Armz does not end there. The modular design of the device paired with its durability allows you to use Armz in any way you see fit, adding different 3D printed attachments, building battlefields, or creating race tracks for it.

Armz is here to revolutionize leisure with customizable smart toys.

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