This Woman Found a $1.80 Life Hack to Organize Her Coffee Pods

This Australian woman has discovered the easiest way to store her coffee pods. It's a cheap and clever solution to a common problem.
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Coffee drinkers all over the world rejoiced with the invention of pod coffee machines. The nifty coffee machine makes use of an aluminum or plastic pod or container filled with ground coffee that is inserted into it.

The coffee maker pierces the foil cap of the pod and sends a blast of hot water under pressure through the pod, resulting in espresso-like coffee at home. If you are a big coffee drinker, you’ll want to have a large stash of pods on backup so that your caffeine fix is never far away. 

Coffee Pod Storage Problems

Owners of the pod coffee makers struggle with storing these little pods in a way that allows for both easy access and a tidy kitchen. Despite major brands like Nespresso bringing out branded storage options, the suburban coffee junkie is reportedly fed up with the space-filling pods. 


Lucky for pod lovers out there one Australian woman has created the ultimate pod storage solution.

Gina Baynham has a passion for her pod coffee maker but like many other coffee drinkers, she struggled with keeping her large supply of pods in order. 

“I’ve tried lots of different ways of storing Nespresso pods – jars, boxes, you name it,” the New South Wales mum told online blog, Kidspot. “Every time my husband comes home from the shop, he has brought new flavors to try and it drives me mad because I have to re-organize my storage all over again.” 

Simple Life Hack Solves Problem

Then Baynham saw a life hack suggestion online and found the answer to her problems. She spotted the tip on a Facebook group called ‘Mums Who Organise’. 

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It involved using strips of PVC attached to the underside of a cupboard as a coffee pod storage system. Baynham immediately asked her husband to head to their local home improvement store and pick u the necessary supplies. 

“It was so easy. It cost me $1.80 for the piece of PVC plastic at 2.4 meters in length,” Gina explains. “I then cut it to 30-centimeter lengths with a sharp knife and stuck them to the underside of my kitchen cupboards with double-sided sticky foam that I bought in a craft shop for about $2.” 

This Woman Found a $1.80 Life Hack to Organize Her Coffee Pods
Source: Supplied via Kidspot

Tip Shared Widely Among Coffee Pod Fans

The PVC strips are formed in an I shape that when placed at just the right distance apart from each other allow for the pods to slip in. Each flavor of the pod can be allocated to a specific line.

Baynham is delighted with the result. 

“The kitchen looks so uncluttered it has cleared up my bench surfaces. Next time my husband comes home from the Nespresso shop with new varieties all I will need to do is stick a few more lengths of PVC and I will have unlimited capsule storage,” she explained. 

This Woman Found a $1.80 Life Hack to Organize Her Coffee Pods
Source: Supplied via Kidspot

“The only skill involved was getting the gap wide enough to slide the capsule in without it being so loose that it would fall out.” Baynham is so happy with her life hack she has shared it on social media with an overwhelmingly positive response from other coffee pod fans.

Via: Kidspot

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