Useful Measuring Tape Tricks You May Not Have Known

You probably use a measuring tape- maybe quite often- but it is entirely possible you missed a few tricks that could really help you out!
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The tape measure. Remarkably simple, yet almost essential in every construction and design project. However simple it may appear, it is quite possible that you missed a few features of the simplistic device that could prove to be quite useful.

While finalizing a measurement most people reach for a pencil tucked away behind an ear or in a pocket to mark where a final cut should lay. However, all too many times the pencil apparently vanishes, leaving you outstretched and frustrated that now you have to temporarily abandon the project to collect another pencil to leave a mark. That is what you would do anyway if you did not realize that the serrated edge on the end of the measure is specifically designed to etch a mark exactly where it lies. Naturally, this is an incredibly useful feature that you could potentially utilize.

Also notably on a tape measure is the small number you may have looked over on the base of the tool. Of course, as indicated, this represents the exact length of the tape. As shown in the video, instead of hassling around trying to predict the exact length from a corner where the tape is bent around, you can easily measure using the reference. Instead of bending the tape to achieve the closest possible angle and potentially ruining your measure, you can place the box against to the surface and quite easily add on the indicated number on the bottom.

Perhaps you knew about some of the tricks used, but we hope you learned something new. Hopefully, in the future, you can use these few tips to help you make easier, more accurate measurements with much less hassle. Now with your potential new tricks, you can get back to precisely measuring and constructing any project at hand!

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