Worker Transforms Old Whiskey Bottle into Beautiful Glass Arrowhead

This craftsman uses the age old process of flint knapping on a broken shard of a whiskey bottle to create a beautifully sharp arrowhead.
Trevor English
The photo credit line may appear like thisShawn Woods

Native Americans hunted primarily with flint arrowheads that they spent time tirelessly making. While hand-made arrowheads are mostly a thing of the past, there are a few craftsmen who have kept the trade up.

Called Flint knapping, creating an arrowhead involves slowly chipping away at the edges of an object to make it sharp and shape it into the desired form. While this is traditionally done using flint, as the name would suggest, this craftsman uses an old whiskey bottle he found to create a stunning arrowhead.

Check out the entire process in the video below.

Shawn Woods is the craftsman behind the video, and he has a YouTube channel filled with videos of creating tools of past.

One of the most challenging things about flint knapping with glass is just how brittle the material is.

You can notice in the video that he breaks the piece he is working with several times on accident before he creates a final useable product. It's likely that that this arrowhead could only be used once due to its brittleness. This is a high price to pay for respecting history and creating tools used in the past.


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