Couple builds world's largest laptop weighing 100 pounds

Evan and Katelyn truly did the unthinkable.
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A screenshot from Evan and Katelyn's video.
A screenshot from Evan and Katelyn's video.

Evan and Katelyn 

Would you ever attempt to build the world's largest laptop? Perhaps not. YouTubers Evan and Katelyn, who is always up for challenges, just did and how!

What triggered this passion project? The makers realized that tech companies are in a race to build the smallest devices, and so they thought why not walk the road not taken?

Currently, the largest laptop measures 21 inches, while a computer monitor is 32 inches. In a YouTube video, Evan and Katelyn built a 43-inch model with a Samsung M70B.

And the prize for the largest laptop goes to...

Most of the laptop is made of plywood supported by aluminum extrusion frames with a hinge that permitted the 43-inch screen to be raised and lowered.

For their keyboard, their choice of weapon was an oversized Redragon K605 mechanical keyboard. And the makers have ensured a touchpad from LTC the size of a tablet, which eliminates the need for a mouse.

Now, the biggest challenge with building the largest laptop is undoubtedly finding a suitable battery. The couple installed a pair of 150W batteries - two to power the screen and mini PC respectively, and a smaller third battery for the LED accent lightning.

Couple builds world's largest laptop weighing 100 pounds
A screenshot from Evan and Katelyn's YouTube video.

When it comes to hardware, the makers chose an Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast Kit with an 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 2.8GHz processor and an NVIDIA RTX 2060 to run the system. This configuration will permit the couple to play a variety of games on the enormous screen.

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After Evan and Katelyn decided on the primary hardware, they 3D printed plastic parts, cut wood, designed logos, and connected various parts.

We won't lie. The laptop and the effort taken are largely impressive. But is it the world's largest? There is no official confirmation yet. Can you carry it everywhere like a briefcase? Of course not. The laptop weighs around 100 pounds and works best on-site. However, Evan and Katelyn seemed to have so much fun building it and playing games on the massive laptop.

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