Earn Salesforce Certifications with This Bundle

Salesforce-certified employees consistently have access to better opportunities across a wide range of industries, and this bundle will help you earn three of the most important Salesforce certifications around.

Regardless of the industry in which you work, companies are always looking to hire and promote talented leaders who know how to organize major projects, solve difficult problems, and inspire those around them. And although it may seem as though industries and business strategies are changing at a head-spinning pace, the essential management and problem-solving skills will never go out of style.

Salesforce—the cloud computing and all-around tech juggernaut that’s arguably the international king of customer relations and service—offers some of the most respected and powerful leadership and administration certifications in the world, and the Essential Salesforce Certification Training Bundle will help you earn them for just $39.

Each of the three courses in this bundle is designed to prepare you for a specific Salesforce certification, regardless of your previous experience with administration, problem-solving, or leadership.

You’ll begin by working toward the benchmark Salesforce certification by learning how to manage users and data in complex tech infrastructures, how to customize and maintain basic applications, and how to prepare advanced and customized sales reports, workflows, and user dashboards.

Next, you’ll prepare for the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exam through 3-4 days of instructor-led training that covers everything you’ll encounter on the exam in full detail—including management and data-configuring strategies that are utilized by some of the world’s leading companies.

Finally, the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Course will teach you how to design, build, and deploy custom applications using the declarative customization capabilities of the Salesforce platform, all while introducing you to a variety of user-centered approaches to maintaining a large client base.

Take your career to the next level with the Essential Salesforce Certification Training Bundle for just $39—over 95% off its usual price.

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