Eco-friendly Wooden Cube will Cool Your Room Using Only Ice

Eco-friendly Wooden Cube will Cool Your Room Using Only Ice

Air conditioners can be expensive, bulky, and consume a lot of energy, so two architects set out to solve that problem. They designed a small cube with an integrated fan that uses only an icepack to effectively cool down comparatively large indoor spaces. Fans just circulate the air, and if the ambient air is still hot, they don't do much good. The Geizeer was designed to use some of the energy already stored up in our freezers to cool down a room for up to 5 hours. Check out the video below to see the beautiful wooden design and how the technology works.

Given that this device was designed by architects, it has beautiful industrial design and was sourced with the best materials. They chose wood as the case and thermal insulator, with a splash of metal for an industrial yet elegant finish. The operation of the device is incredibly simple, a fan circulates air cooled down by the specially molded ice pack in the center of the device.

geizeer cooler[Image Source: Geizeer]

The Geizeer has almost reached its goal on Kickstarter, with only about US$10,000 more to go. For only about US$85, you can buy one of these tiny, eco-friendly air conditioners, and it offers a great alternative to running your bulky air conditioner. For less than 1 cent a day in energy costs, this little block will cool a space of about 12 square meters. This would be great for your office or bedroom while it's just too hot everywhere else.

wooden air conditioner[Image Source: Geizeer]

The biggest things that this device has going for it is its beautiful design and portability. 85 dollars is a little more than most would want to spend, but when you consider the energy costs compared to heating your whole house with traditional A/C the Geizeer will pay for itself in no time.

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