Elon Musk Releases Pictures of Tesla Model 3 After it Handled 1 Million Miles

The Tesla CEO shared updates from his company that show off just how well the Tesla Model 3's drive system handles 1 million miles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has never shied away from vouching for the longevity of his cars. However, this might be a new record for his Model 3 units. 

The automaker released pictures of the Model 3 after 1 million miles of testing, and they're impressing even Tesla's skeptics.

The 1 million mile goal is something Musk and his team have been working toward since 2015. During that year, he told investors and shareholders on a conference call:

"We are very happy with the quality of the drive unit. We changed the goal of the drive unit endurance from being approximately 200,000 miles to being a million miles – just basically we want drive units that just never wear out. That’s our goal. I think we made really good progress in that direction. the drive unit that are going out now and for the last several months have been excellent."

Next Generation Tesla Roadster Turns Heads at Tesla Delivery Center

Next Generation Tesla Roadster Turns Heads at Tesla Delivery Center

The 1 million mile challenge for these vehicles is to power long-haul cars like the Tesla Semi. The Tesla Semi is getting closer to using the company's finalized one-million-mile electric drive train.

This milestone announcement for the Model 3 comes a little over a week after Musk tweeted about the high safety performance features on his cars.

The company even theorized Tesla could be the safest automotive manufacturer in the world:

Interesting Engineering is keeping an eye on Elon Musk's Twitter and the Tesla company announcements for further information. 

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