Elon Musk Reveals Photos of First Production Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk Reveals Photos of First Production Tesla Model 3

It's been a busy week for Elon Musk as Tesla announced its latest project to install the world's largest lithium-ion battery storage system in Australia, as well as SpaceX's successful deployment of the Intelsat 35e mission after aborting its launch twice. And just before the week comes to an end, Musk and Tesla Motors released the Serial Number 1, or the first production version, of the Model 3. This is after Musk has announced earlier this week that the EV passed its regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of time.



Musk received a generous gift for his birthday

As the Tesla Model 3 generated a wave of hype because it is the company's first affordable and mass-produced electric vehicle, there is a question floating around in the air on who will be the owner of the premier production version. According to Musk, the first person to complete the full payment for the car gets to own the first production version. It's a basic rule to follow but many people assume that the Tesla CEO always have the privilege of owning all the first versions of Tesla's electric vehicles.


The Model 3 wasn't immune to the basic rule as a gentleman from Tesla's board of directors got the rights for its first production version by being the first to place a full deposit. However, as a token of gratitude for all the hard work Elon Musk do, the first owner of the Model 3 gifted the Serial Number 1 version of the electric vehicle to Musk for his 46th birthday last June 28, 2017.


Consequently, Ehrenpreis will get the Serial Number 2 of Tesla's first mass-produced EV. Since the Model 3's unveiling last March 2016, Tesla is reported to have accepted 400,000 pre-orders of the electric car. Tesla has also claimed that the total value of all the pre-orders is estimated to result into $14 billion in future sales. This year, Tesla became a Fortune 500 company as its 2016 revenue racked up at $7 billion.



One other question the mass market may have regarding the new Model 3 is how much exactly does it cost to buy one of these hyped-up EV? Well, the base price of $35,000 still remains and a pre-order deposit of $1,000 can be made to secure your Model 3 EV. But if you place the deposit amount to reserve a Model 3 now, the earliest it can be delivered to you will be by the end of 2018. For the first lucky 30 buyers, they will get their Model 3 this July 28, 2017, at an exclusive handover party. The motoring company is aiming to produce 500,000 Model 3s by next year to meet the steep demand for their first affordable and mass-produced EV.

Sources: Elon Musk via Twitter, Tesla Motors via Twitter

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Written by Kathleen Villaluz

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