Elon Musk Says Tesla Models S, 3 and X Will Soon Have ‘Party and Camper Mode’

Elon Musk hinted that Tesla will soon roll out a 'party & camper mode' that lets you keep the lights on and play music while stationary.

Elon Musk wants you to party all day and all night. In a recent tweet, the CEO of Tesla has promised that the Tesla cars will soon have a party and camper mode ‘so your car can maintain air flow, temp, selective lights, music & power devices for 48 hours or more while parked.’

"Big batteries rock," he added. It makes sense to use the vehicle's juice for something fun if it isn't needed to get you somewhere.

If Musk follows through with his idea, it would mean your Tesla will keep some of its crucial systems on for 48 hours or more while the car is stationary.

Basically, your Tesla just became a VIP room in a club or a luxury camping haven. Tesla is usually leading the way in forward-thinking models and systems, however, this time Toyota is the forerunner for the ‘party mode’.

Toyota leads the party charge

Toyota 4Runner SUVs have had a party mode button close to a decade now. Though unlike Musk’s big batteries, party mode, in this case, means a bass boost to the audio system and a shifting of the car's balance so you can go wild with tailgate or camping fun.

Tesla already has a pseudo party mode that allows the car to keep the climate system turned on, but only while there was a person present in the vehicle. For Tesla aficionados, there are lots of unanswered question about the upcoming features.

Tesla fans keen to hear more details on new mode

Number crunchers are keen to find out exactly how much battery life the mode will use and if it will have a safety mechanism to make sure you don't party too hard and get stranded without battery to get home. If the feature does gets rolled out you might see a few more Teslas at the camping ground or as useful places of refuge during power blackouts.


For real nature lovers, the electric camper van market is expanding with quite a few options out there. One of the most exciting vans to come on the market include a modified version of the Nissan e-NV200.

EVs expanding to include campers

Autonomous Cars

Elon Musk Reveals Tesla Autopilot's Development Build Has a "Mad Max" Mode

The van doesn’t have a huge range, its 40 kWh battery pack can get you about 124 miles (~200 km) before needing a charge, but that would be enough for some great touring in a dense place like Europe.

Francesc Corberó, communication director of Nissan Iberia, spoke at the van’s launch saying:

“The new Nissan Camper range will allow the most adventurous to have a balcony with views of the most incredible places in the world and enjoy the essence of traveling with family or friends.” The van is currently only available in Spain but a wider rollout is expected soon.

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