Top 10 Engineering Degrees with Highest Paying Jobs in 2017

Top 10 Engineering Degrees with Highest Paying Jobs in 2017

It is good to be an engineer, as engineering jobs take the top three slots on the list of college degrees with Highest Paying Jobs in 2017.

But what is an engineering degree worth? Year after year, engineering jobs tops the list of majors with the highest starting salary, so let's talk about how much that actually is.

A Fiscal Summary

First, we need to look at the job market. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in major industries includes Mining, Construction and Manufacturing has improved. Job growth mostly occurred in the Healthcare industry, creating 415,000 jobs in 2016. Nearly 31,000 of those new jobs were created in October of this year.

The recent U.S. presidential election played a significant role in fluctuating the job markets. However, regardless of the changing political climate, the job market shows promise of holding steady.

Not to fear: Engineering jobs will be on top of the list leading into 2017.

In 2017, employers are more likely to turn to temporary workers and contractors until the market shows improvement after Trump officially takes office.

Full-Time Hiring and Engineering Jobs will Increase

Regardless of the improvement in utilizing short-term employees to fill skill gaps, companies will also be seeking to boost the employment of full-time staff. More than a third of employers will be adding full-time employees in Q4, according to CareerBuilder’s Q4 2016 Job Forecast.

The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math get the highest attention on the list of the degrees with Highest Paying Jobs in 2017.

Electrical, Software, and Chemical Engineering bachelor degree students will walk into the highest paying jobs in 2017.

This information is according to the 46th Edition of Starting Salaries Report from Michigan State University’s Employment Research Institute. This year they collected data from 4,700 employers and ran the survey from late August through September 2016. The starting salaries indicate base earnings only and doesn't contain commissions, bonuses, and others incentives.

To assess the salaries, the Michigan State’s career office gathered 50 salary reports and averaged the starting salary for new graduates in each field.

1. Electrical Engineering is leading with highest starting salary of $62,428.
2. Computer Engineering takes second, averaging around $61,466 in annual salary.
3. Chemical Engineering comes in at third, with an average salary of $61,125 per year.

electrical-engineerig-jobs[Image Courtesy of InfoPankki]

Electrical engineering Jobs have been around for a long time, but electrical engineering has changed quite a lot over the decades, and many had to switch their focus.

In our previous article, we explored the top 3 industries with highest paying electrical engineering jobs. That's where most of the development is taking place and the need for electrical engineers exists.

Electrical engineering jobs have had their ups and downs. Periodic recessions have forced many electrical engineers out of the industry.

computer-engineering-jobs[Image Courtesy of Pixabay]

Computer Engineering Jobs have been on the rise as well by combining subjects in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Computer Science. The resulting courses train electrical engineers who want to concentrate on computer hardware and its interactions with software.

The future of computer engineering has been the topic of vast conversations in the media channels of the U.S and Europe in recent years.

Computer engineering is particularly noteworthy because migration of trained workers have moved some jobs to nations in Asia which were previously under-represented in the Computer Engineering job market.

chemical-engineering-jobs[Image Courtesy of Pixabay]

Chemical Engineering Jobs in traditional manufacturing declined with time. Consequently, the need for chemical engineers in growing markets such as nanotechnology and alternative energy provide some of the highest paying jobs.

The retirement of current chemical engineers by 2020 will result in more engineering jobs in 2017.

What about Masters Degrees and PhDs?

Among Masters Degrees, engineering degrees attract the highest paying jobs in 2017 with more than $68,000, followed by Computer Science & IT with $67,735.

Those with Ph.D. degrees in Engineering & Computer Science though will go into 2017 with the potential to get into the highest paying jobs, at $76,702.

The excellent news for students finishing their bachelor’s degrees in 2016 is that 'New Grad hiring' is seriously rising in 2017.

As a result of Michigan State University’s Employment Research Institute survey, 48 percent of employers are planning to increase starting salaries.

Manufacturing is leading the pack with a combined average of $50,126.

Engineering jobs in 2017 consist of full-time employment (71 percent), Internship and Co-op positions (12 percent), Short-term jobs (7 percent) and Experienced New Grad jobs (10 percent).

Top 10 Engineering Degrees with Highest Paying Jobs in 2017 are:

1. Electrical Engineering $62,428
2. Software Engineering $61,466
3. Chemical Engineering $61,125
4. Computer Engineering $61,092
5. Mechanical Engineering $59,610
6. Computer programming $59,163
7. Information security systems $58,798
8. Computer science $57,762
9. Civil Engineering $54,333
10. Construction Engineering $49,577

This report is good news for students pursuing the highest-paying majors. But what about the bottom of the list of salaries?

What if you’re not getting an engineering degree?

I also assume that you may want to stay away from Bachelor's Degrees with the Lowest Starting Salaries, right? However, salary potential should not be the thing that attracts you to a major in college — things like passion and interests should be considered first.

2016 college graduates with bachelor’s degrees in Advertising can expect a starting salary of $35,700, followed by Music grads at $36,700.

The Bottom Line:

In conclusion, Engineers Get Top Pay, and it is well worth the time and effort it takes to become an engineer.

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About The Contributing Author:

Nader Mowlaee is an Engineering Career Coach & Networking Specialist. Nader is an Electronics Engineer who pursued a career in recruitment. He now works with Engineers & Information Technology Professionals to strengthen their Communication, Branding, and Networking skills while teaching them the secrets to getting job interviews and job offers fast.

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Nader Mowlaee is an Electronics Engineer, working as an Engineering Career Coach and Technical Recruiter since 2012. Nader is inspired by motivating confidence in engineers and helping job seekers take calculated actions to move towards their career goals. Nader’s mission is to enable engineers to break away from their fears and create the ideal career they want. He helps engineers strengthen their Communication, Personal Branding, and Networking skills, resulting in job interviews and job offers fast. You can contact Nader on LinkedIn.

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