Engineers Finally Built the World's Tiniest Violin

Engineers Finally Built the World's Tiniest Violin

The world's smallest violin is a long-running comedy gag where rubbing one's fingers together produces a tiny violin noise showing sarcastic sympathy. With new technology from Google, it is now possible to play a violin with the tips of your fingers, bringing the comedy sketch into reality. Design I/O worked on all of the coding for the project to create a program that would trigger sad music whenever a finger rubbing motion is completed over a sensor pad. Check it out below.

Google's Project Soli was the basis for this project, a tiny radar-based chip sensor that can detect movement fairly accurately. This technology allowed the violin music to be precisely triggered when fingers are slowly rubbed together. While there really isn't a microscopic violin being played, it sure looks like it.

tiny violin

The downside to this project is you probably can't take the tiny violin with you wherever you go, but I am sure you engineers could figure something out. Perhaps with future wearables, or even current technology, you could take the world's tiniest violin with you anywhere.

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