6th Annual World Automotive Conference

6th Annual World Automotive Conference

Meet, connect and catch up! 6th Annual world Automotive Conference takes place in Istanbul this year.

The World Automotive Conference takes place for the 6th time this year with the attendance of senior-level executes, entrepreneurs and sector giants in Istanbul. A rich networking platform for businesses to discover the latest technologies and developments in the automotive industry. The changing demand in automotive and the future of transportation are the two main focuses for this year's conference.

With over 80 sponsors, WAC 2019 is waiting for your attendance.

Why Should I Attend? 

The World Automotive Conference welcomes more than 800 attendees and features more than 80 speakers who are specialists in their respective fields.

WAC'19 points to political highlights of the year such as;

-US Tariff
-Trade Agreements

Including critical industry topics such as;

-The shifts to electric vehicles,
-Smart cities 
-Industry 4.0 & Robotics
-AI & Machine Learning
-Digitalisation & Blockchain
-Connectivity & Security

Offering a great environment to converse about upcoming projects and strategic advice from experts in the field. Promote your company, network with like-minded executives and hear more about your industry from different perspectives. 

How Can I Attend? 

You can contact and register to the event through this link; https://worldautomotiveconference.co.uk/#contact

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