CivilCon 2018 Istanbul

CivilCon 2018 Istanbul

CivilCon 2018 Istanbul presents the chance of developing yourself with leading names in the construction sector; competitions, parties, workshops, technical trips and more! Are you ready to spend a full week of social activities?

Have fun, learn, expand your network, catch the opportunities!

CivilCon 2018 Istanbul

About Civilcon

The purposes of our activity which we made traditional as Istanbul Technical University Civil Engineering Community are introducing working zones to future civil engineers, providing them to have some ideas about their own sector, creating a platform which students can grow connections with gathering companies and not only ITU students but also other students who are coming from other universities together.With seminaries which will be given by speakers from Turkey’s prestigious institutions and with workshops which will be made by ;it will be worked on getting rid of lack of experience about work-life which is not given as an education in universities and being felt as major absence in work zones, also it will be worked on making students conscious of professional work-life.This year workshops that we settle for this purpose have implementations dominantly.Students will have the chance to practice in the workshops like masonry and mold flooring, the exhibitions that we prepared will increase job security sensitiveness.Participants will have the opportunity to advance themselves and having fun while learning at the same time by taking a part of these workshops.In addition to these, with activities that we will organize such as vessel parties, we’ll try to make our best for our participants so that they will have great and quality time during Civil-Con.


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