Food, Nutrition, Security, and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA)

Food, Nutrition, Security, and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA)

Between the 1st and 3rd of December 2019, the First International Conference on Food, Nutrition, Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA) will be taking place in Cairo. Its main aim is to raise awareness on food, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and industry.

The conference will bring together academics, researchers, experts, and scholars to share their knowledge and experience in a stimulating and thought-provoking exchange of knowledge.

The event has been jointly organized by the Agro-Food Industries Alliance funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Alexandria University IEREK & Springer.

FNSSA promises to provide a great opportunity to share and enhance the latest research and innovations in the field of food, nutrition, security, and sustainable agriculture. It also promises to improve the discoveries and researchers of nutraceutical experts, nutritionists, enlisted dieticians, agriculture researchers, food safety and hygiene experts, academic faculties, founders, CEOs, SEMs, business delegates, and even young scientists.

What are the main topics?

The main topics that will be covered at the conference include

A. Food & Nutrition1. Functional Foods
2. Nutraceuticals
3. Food fortification
4. Medicinal and Aromatic plant
B. Food Safety and Control5. Food Preservation
6. Bio-Preservation
7. Quality control & Sanitation
C. Agro-Food Engineering & Technology8. Smart Packaging
9. Water & Energy management
10. Robotics in Food Science and Agriculture
11. Agro-Food waste management
12. Agricultural machinery
13. Food and Bioprocess Technology
D. Agro-Food Business and Food security14. Agro-Food Economics
15. Food Security
16. Food Industry Management
17. Agro-Food / Nutrition Alliance/Cluster
18. Horticultural produce marketing and value chains
E. Sustainable Agriculture19. Farming and Innovative Technologies
20. Postharvest Physiology & Technology
21. Organic Farming and Biological Control
F. Agricultural Production Systems22. Efficient crop production
23. Greenhouse & Horticulture
24. Application of fertilizers & pesticides
25. Animal and plant nutrition

Who should attend?

This event is highly recommended for nutraceutical experts, nutritionists, enlisted dieticians, agriculture researchers, food safety and hygiene experts, academic faculties, founders, CEOs, SEMs, business delegates, young scientists, and anyone else with even a passing interest in the future of food.

Why should they attend?

This is an unprecedented meeting of experts in the field. It will provide ample opportunity to expand your existing knowledge on many aspects of food and make some important connections.

If you are actively working in any of the topics that are planned to be covered, attendance in a must. You will not be disappointed.

How can they attend?

To attend, simply head over to the conference's official website and book your place. 

Fees do vary and are spread over different tiers depending on when you book and your professional level and nationality. As you might expect, Egyptian citizens are given preferential rates. 

Students can also benefit from a substantial discount. IFNET members can also benefit from a discount of the full ticket price.

Prices are also quoted in both US Dollars and Egyptian Pounds (EGP).

Where can they attend?

The conference will be held at the Grand Nile Tower (Grand Hayat), Corniche El Nil، Garden City, 

For more information please contact for more details. Or check out the official website here

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