Future Smart Cities 2019

Future Smart Cities 2019

The Second International Conference on "Future Smart Cities" will open its doors between the 5th and 9th of November 2019.

The Second International Conference on "Future Smart Cities" is due to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between the 5th and 7th of November 2019. IEREK, who is behind it, is now calling for paper abstracts to be submitted for discussion at the conference.

Some of the papers submitted will be selected to be published in the journal "Smart and Sustainable Environment", published by Emerald Publishing. 

If this is of interest, they have recently extended the deadline for submission to the 16th of May, 2019. Get yours submitted now!

The event is open to critical thinkers in the field and anyone else who is even remotely interested in the subject. Given the theme of the conference, it promises to be an exciting and stimulating meeting of minds.

According to the event's website:

"A smart city initiative is the target of people to live in; it includes all different types of leisure and connectivity; electronic data, sensors and full information and communication technology ICT that used IT managing assets, commercial, industrial, traffic, networks and all matters that related to sustainability and Eco-system.

It helps people to have a positive interaction with the place, where they find a high performance of infrastructure. Thus, the smart city is a crucial argument to improve the quality of life and strengthen the relationship between cities and citizens."

What are the main topics of the event?

The main topics for the conference will involve any aspect of "Smart Cities" that decision-makers, citizens, researchers, universities, companies, and planners think are worth discussing. This will range from the intelligent use of technology, IoT, and AI, to name but a few.

No specifics can be provided at the moment as the deadline for submitting papers has not yet expired.

Who should attend the event?

Anyone who has an interest in the future of cities should attend this conference. It is open to thinkers in the field and the general public.

The conference organizers are looking for decision makers, citizens, researchers, universities, companies, and planners to express their interest in attending.

If you have published any papers on the subject, you might also want to submit your abstract to be considered for discussion by panels of leading experts.

Why should I attend?

Attendees will be able to share their knowledge and thoughts with peers from around the world. Given the main theme of the conference, it should promise to be a highly stimulating experience for all attendees.

If you are an author, the conference will provide an unprecedented opportunity to promote your work and thoughts amongst like-minded people. You may even get your paper chosen to be published in some high-profile journals.

How can I attend?

If this conference sounds like your thing, you should check out their website and book your place. Reservations do attract some fees which depend on whether you have submitted a short or full paper or just wish to attend.

You can also contact the IEREK directly by email at fsc@ierek-scholar.org or give them a call on +2 03 5763828 or +201000028021.

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