FutureFest 2020

FutureFest 2020

FutureFest Lates offer audiences an evening of immersive installations and exploratory talks set in inspiring venues, from a maze of underground tunnels to a rooftop urban jungle.

"How can the planet sustain us? What will Alexa do with your biggest secrets? How can we learn to be alone together?"

With questions as big as these, it’s tempting to retreat, take shelter in a remote forest and hide from the world. But what we need is a map and a compass to point us in the right direction. FutureFest offers you the essential tools to reset the clock on doomsday and navigate a better future.

FutureFest is based on the belief that the future is not something that happens to us, but something we can create. In 2020 the festival brings together the artistic installations, performances, talks, and debates that you need to build your own survival kit for the future.

Why Should I Attend? 

You can register and attend the event through the following link; https://www.tickettailor.com/events/nesta/277035 

COVID-19 Update: Due to the escalation of the situation regarding COVID-19, FutureFest 2020 is postponed. They'll be announcing the new dates shortly.

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