Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit

Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit

In today's world, for digital transformation to fully meet its potential, infrastructure needs to be invisible, with service providers being both inside and outside the IT organization, competing on their ability to deliver an ‘invisible experience’ that focuses on delivering outcomes and service levels across a range of all premises resources. This year's Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS) at Las Vegas will focus on how providers can deliver us the invisible experience and empower the coming digital revolution. 

Why Should I Attend? 

HCTS is the premier forum for executives in the hosting, cloud, data center and services areas. This agenda is carefully crafted by experienced 451 research analysts and industry experts to provide timely, actionable insight into the competitive dynamics of innovation. 

In addition to experienced analyst and executive sessions, the three-day schedule includes a plethora of networking opportunities that will make your time spent in Las Vegas and foster the industry-changing relationships HCTS is known for igniting.

How Can I Attend? 

You can register and take your place at the HCTS 2019 at Las Vegas through the following link;

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