IoT Security Summit 2019

IoT Security Summit 2019

A place for new technologies, meeting strategic partners, and learning how to upgrade legacy systems from experienced industry leaders.

Trusted Computing Group (TCG) will highlight the importance of IoT security on a number of panels at IoT Security Summit alongside other IoT experts and speakers in the industry.

Speaking on the panel, ‘Creating best practices and protocols for flexible IoT Security’, Joerg Borchert, President, and Chairman of Trusted Computing Group will highlight the importance of protecting and securing sensitive data on IoT devices. Joerg will further explain the critical role of integrating security into the IoT design and how this is possible for billions of devices.

TCG member, Stefano Righi will also share best practices in IoT solutions on the panel ‘Basic Hygiene for IoT Security within your company’ on October 31st at 12 PM.

With the prediction that the IoT will reach 50 billion connected devices by 2020 and industrial systems becoming increasingly networked, TCG is providing the technologies that can offer added protection against a variety of typical attacks.

How Can I Attend? 

You can attend the event after registering through the following link;

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