Materials Science Marathon

Materials Science Marathon

In a world where every day we are constantly being exposed to new
information, the Materials Science Marathon team believes it is their duty
to bring focus to and recognize those whose cutting edge work has gone
unnoticed. To keep up and be part of the constant change, it is essential to
look back in order to move forward, presenting MSM's second edition.

MSM is an event that fits IST’s careers week. It aims all Materials
Engineering students at a national level and anyone who is curious about
the great world that is materials science. It is design to bring together
students, professors and specialists in one room, to promote networking
through sharing experiences, lessons and progresses.

At this event, every participant is challenged to get out of their
comfort zone, to think about current problems and in how can a materials
engineer work to solve them. Therefore, it stimulates critical and
constructive thinking, fundamental tools for every future engineer.
The second edition of the Materials Science Marathon, is organized
in segments. Each segment will focus on a specific category of materials or
industry that has stud out for its innovation. To help accomplish MSM ́s
goal, it counts with the presence and availability of national and international speakers.

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