Plant Improvement Technologies Congress

Plant Improvement Technologies Congress

Kisaco Research

Join us at the Plant Improvement Technologies Congress in Research Triangle, North Carolina, taking place March 30-31, 2016 to learn from, meet and network with 100 scientists from academia, research and industry in the plant science field and to learn more about pioneering plant improvement technology.

With phenotyping bottlenecking the plant science field, the plant and crop industry needs a better understanding on how to improve crops, recognize desirable plant traits, recreate those traits in plants, measure their effects at field-level, and most importantly – how best to utilize the data that we produce.

That’s why we are hosting the Plant Improvement Technologies Congress, which focuses on the integration of genomic research, phenotyping approaches and data analyses. The 2 day event will showcase tools and techniques that plant breeders and food manufacturers can use now to improve agriculture and focuses on integrating phenotype with genomic research for practical application.

Hosted by Kisaco Research, this B2B Plant Improvement Technologies Congress will cover:

Genomic Selection
Genome Editing Technologies
Plant Breeding from a Physiologist Perspective
Field-Based Phenomics & High Throughput Phenotyping
Data Management
Agricultural Genomics – Applications

Download the program online at or contact for a copy of the agenda today. Save 15% off industry rates when you book online with DL15.

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