Slush Helsinki 2019

Slush Helsinki 2019

Dubbed "A Laboratory for New Ideas" by The Wall Street Journal, Slush Helsinki 2019 is a startup dream.

Slush events are the most founder focused events on a global base. Whether your startup is looking for investors, customers, talent, media or advisors, Slush Helsinki features them all.

Slush Helsinki is growing more and more each year with the attendance of the highest number of founders compared to any other event. 

Slush Helsinki has a lot to offer for those who are new to the startup world. Meet new CEOs and other startups like yours while creating new connections and growing your network. 

Why Should I Attend? 

Slush Helsinki is the ultimate way to expand your network to whole new levels by gathering 25,000 experts under its wing and connecting all through various mediums. At Slush you can join casual meet-ups with the Slush Matchmaking Tool, industry-specific side events, dinners, pub crawls, and so much more! 

How Can I Attend? 

You can attend Slush Helsinki 2019 by registering to the event through the following link;

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