Teknofest 2019 Istanbul

Teknofest 2019 Istanbul

Preparations for TEKNOFEST 2019 continue at full speed. This year also open to international participants! The deadline is February 28th , 2019.

Roll up, roll up! The TEKNOFEST 2019 Technology Competition is now open to accept applications!

With whopping prize awards of up to 2 Million Turkish Lira a piece, the deadline for applications is the 28th February 2019. Categories for applications range from Artificial Intelligence to Flying Cars,  and Autonomous Systems to Space Technologies.

TEKNOFEST is organized and run by the Turkish Technology Foundation (T3). This foundation aims to help develop public awareness of technology, especially for Turkey.

Sponsors for it include Turkish Government bodies, private companies like Turkish Airlines, and other Academic institutions.

The festival will run over four days in September of 2019.

What are the main topics?

Each category is subdivided into the following competition levels:-

Primary, Middle, High School and Higher Education:

  • Smart Places Hackathon Competition
  • Technologies for Humanity Competition
  • Flying Car Design Competition

High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate Level:

  • Unmanned Underwater Systems Competition
  • Rocket Competition
  • Robotics Competitions
  • Fighter UAV Competition
  • Artificial Intelligence Competition

Undergraduate and Graduate Level:

  • Efficiency Challenge / Robotaxi Competition
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition
  • Satellite Model Competition
  • Mini Jet Radial Compressor Design Competition
  • Turbofan Motor Design Competition
  • Swarm UAV Simulation Competition

Who should attend?

Anyone who either wishes to take part in the competition, or someone with even a passing interest in the latest 'tooings' and 'froings' in Aeronautics, Space, and Technology.

Why should I attend?

For competitors, your applications might just be good enough to pass muster and win some serious money. For spectators and other delegates, you'll be immersed and surrounded with some of the latest technology in the world.

It will be a literal feast for the eyes and mind.

But if the competitions are not your thing, there will be plenty of other events going on that should tickle your fancy.

For those who love drones, TECHNOFEST 2019 will be holding a Drone Cup Tournament with competitors from around the world.

If you love hacking, or the world of hacking, there is also going to be a Cyber Security Competition with thousands of hackers taking part.

Visiting experts will also be holding seminars at the event including talks on startups.

For aviation enthusiasts, there will be several Jet plane and helicopter aerial displays. Not to mention your chance to see some of the world's most legendary planes up close and personal!

How could anyone refuse?

How can I attend?

Simply visits TEKNOFEST's website and reserve your place. It's that simple.

Did we mention it's also free to attend? Now you really have no excuse!

The next step is to book that valuable time off work, or study, and arrange your transportation to the event!

Where is it?

TEKNOFEST is held at the Istanbul New Airport in Turkey. This is the new de facto international airport serving the ancient and beautiful city of Istanbul.

This new magnificent airport has a total area of 1.3 million m2 and has a designed capacity for over 200 million passengers a year.

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