World Automotive Conference

World Automotive Conference

World Automotive Conference will continue to bring together key players of the industry on digital platforms in 2020!

This event provides a platform for you and your company to access 600+ attendees from across the entire automotive industry. Participating in WAC 2020 will continue to allow you to follow the latest trends and technologies affecting your current and future business. 

The conference will take place on September 22, 2020. It will last one day.

Unparalleled insight and discussion time with your peers and potential clients… Workshops will be available on our digital platforms.

During an intimate 60-minute session with 10-15 attendees of your choice, you can meet your target customers and demonstrate your areas of expertise.

Share new projects and old experiences; hear strategic developments, learn where the latest business potential lies, promote your solution with sponsorship host options.

How do I attend?

You can register here

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