Feel Like a Super Villain in this Skull Armchair

Feel Like a Super Villain in this Skull Armchair

Do you already own a villainous-looking white cat, but you are missing that evil-looking chair? Well, we have found you the perfect chair to make you look, and feel, just like a supervillain. Designed by French designer Gregory Besson, the chair is made from reinforced fiberglass with real leather plush seating. Check it out below.

supervillain chair[Image Source: Greg Home]

This skull chair is a humongous work of art that has impeccable detail in every square inch. The entire chair was hand fabricated by Gregory himself, and it shows in the final product. The reinforced fiberglass was molded and assembled, where it was then sanded down to create the matte finish.

No word yet on if the chair will go on sale, but Gregory's website does give some indication that each chair constructed will be completely unique in color and style. If you are looking to buy this villainous chair, for. . . reasons, then it is likely that you will need to shell out quite a bit of money for the custom piece. An amount of money that only a real supervillain would spend on an armchair.

SKULL ARMCHAIR[Image Source: Greg Home]

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