Fiat Chrysler and Aurora, A Driverless Car Company, Sign Agreement to Work Together

The deal between Fiat Chrysler and Aurora proves self-driving car manufacturing is the next big thing in the automotive industry.

California-based technology startup, Aurora, confirmed their partnership deal on Monday with Fiat Chrysler. The two companies will work together to manufacture self-driving cars.

The deal will allow Aurora to keep improving and expanding on its automotive driverless software. The deal, the company noted, allow them to “offer a variety of solutions to strategic customers in logistics, transit, and other use cases.”


Innovations around self-driving cars have been growing, and Aurora already has agreements with well-known automotive companies in the industry, such as Korean-owned Hyuandai, and the German car company, Volkswagen. 

Many founders of Aurora come from prestigious tech firms such as Uber, Tesla and Alphabet. To say they have a solid grasp of what they're working towards, would be an understatement. 

"Rapidly changing industry"

Fiat Chrysler's CEO, Mike Manley, stated on Monday: “As part of FCA’s autonomous vehicle strategy we will continue to work with strategic partners in this space to address the needs of consumers in a rapidly changing industry.”

Manley continued: “Aurora brings a unique skillset combined with advanced and purposeful technology that complements and enhances our philosophy on self-driving.”

A win-win situation. 

As the bar to create self-driving cars rises each year, with tech firms as well as automakers fighting hard to come up on top, the competition to produce the most efficient product is high. 

Earlier in the year, Aurora and Amazon, the e-commerce giant, and Sequoia, a leading venture capital firm, signed a US$ 530 million deal.

By joining forces with automakers around the world, Aurora will be able to produce vehicles that are Aurora-Driver-compatible, using the company's self-driving system, in larger numbers. 

The financial agreements of the Fiat Chrysler and Aurora deal were not shared publicly, and we wait with bated breath for the day these driver-less cars will be up for sale.

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