Find the Perfect Color for Any Project with This Pocket-Sized Sensor

The Nix Mini takes the guesswork out of color matching.

The human eye is indeed a masterpiece of evolution. Its ability to guide us through life by differentiating between light refractions and helping us gauge depth keeps us safe and productive, and its assistance when it comes time to watch a great movie should never go unappreciated either.

For all of the eye’s admirable traits, however, it can let us down when it comes to matching colors that fall outside of the standard palette, which is a serious nuisance if you’re an artist or designer who wants to recreate an especially unique color found in nature.

That’s where the Nix Mini Color Sensor comes in. This simple yet brilliant device lets you match the color of any surface with more than 28,000 brand name paint colors and digital renderings within seconds, and it’s on sale for 30% off at $69.

Anyone who’s ever searched for that perfect paint color in a store or online knows how easy it is to give up and settle for something underwhelming. The Nix Mini Color Sensor eliminates these failed, depressing paint searches by doing all the work for you. Just scan any color critical surface, save the image to your smartphone, and the Nix Mini meticulously searches a massive library of more than 28,000 paint colors from brands like Benjamin Moore and Dulux, as well as RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors.

Whether you’re trying to find that perfect tone for your room, designing a website, or detailing your car, the Nix Mini will eliminate the guesswork and save you countless hours of mind-numbing and futile searching. It’s smaller than a ping-pong ball, so you can take it with you on the go, and even allows you to save, organize, and share colors with friends, customers, colleagues, or contractors.

Stop settling for colors that don’t match your vision. The Nix Mini Color Sensor is available for just  $69 – 30% off its usual price.

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