Freeze-Drying Bodies to Feed Trees and Save the Planet

Freeze-Drying Bodies to Feed Trees and Save the Planet

Through a method called “Promession”, bodies can be frozen and then broken up to become nutrients for trees, providing an ethical and moral technique to help with environmental needs.

The method entails bodies to be sent into a cryogenic freezer where liquid nitrogen is used to crystallize the body. Then, using a non-destructive technique, the bodies are subjected to vibration where the crystallized brittle structure enables the body to be broken down into minute pieces, ideal for providing nutrients for trees. The particles are then collected and subjected through sublimation within a vacuum to evaporate all water content.

The body is then freeze-dried to remove all excess water. The process is completely ethical where no components are changed, except for the removal of water.

In a world where land is becoming more valuable by the second, through the new burial method using Promession, bodies can be buried in an environmental method while still retaining an ethical manner.

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Written by Maverick Baker

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