Notice This Senpai: Lenovo Gaming Chair Comes With a Katana Sword

The sword, however, is not lethal.

Lenovo has introduced a new gaming chair and it is bound to blow you away. The chair is based on the Demon Slayer character Giyu Tomioka's clothing.

It has his traditional red, green and yellow patterns and is bound to be recognized by any gaming aficionado. But that's not all. The chair also comes with a katana sword.

Sadly, the sword is not real and cannot be removed from its sheath. This is probably for the best, as we don't want any overzealous gamers starting any real fights with real injuries.

Still, the chair is super cool to look at and we would venture a guess that it's also super cool to sit on. However, it's unfortunately not for sale.

Lenovo just made five of these awesome chairs for a promotional giveaway. You might get lucky if one winner decides to sell his precious chair. So keep an eye out on eBay and keep us posted if you find one.

What do you think of this chair? Is it the ultimate in an engaging gaming experience or an over-the-top promotional material?

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