Get Access to Hundreds of Micro Books in Text and Narrative with 12min

Every month, you'll get 30 new titles that are designed to be read and digested in just 12 minutes.

We all want to read but who has the time? What if there was a plan that allowed you to read fast and on the go?

12min offers hundreds of micro books in text and narrative form. Every month, you'll have access to 30 new titles that are designed to be read in just 12 minutes.

Search for any book title your heart desires in the extensive library. Better yet, suggest new breakdowns to the 12min experts and they'll add them to the library.

Choose micro books from many different genres, send them to your Kindle Account, and read them from there. Now, you can become more knowledgable despite a busy schedule by reading micro books from different topics. 

Select a book that you want and the 12min team will synthesize it into a short but comprehensive micro book. You can also access micro books in audio forms and can read anywhere with or without internet connection.

Get 12min for just $29 for a two year subscription— over 79% off its usual price. A year subscription and a lifetime subscription are also available for $19 and $39 respectively.

Prices are subject to change.

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