GM Begins Delivery of Its Hummer EV, but Did We Really Need This?

The world definitely needs more electric cars, but is a luxury 'supertruck' the way to go?

GM Begins Delivery of Its Hummer EV, but Did We Really Need This?

Back in November, we reported that the first models of the GMC HUMMER EV would be reaching their owners just in time for the holiday season. The first pickup version, called Edition 1 was reported to cost $112,000 and boast an EPA range of 329 miles (529 km).

Now, in a press release, GM has confirmed what it calls a "new era" with the introduction of its GMC HUMMER EV Edition 1 Pickup and BrightDrop EV600 light commercial vehicle, both built on the Ultium Platform

“This is the first chapter for Ultium — and for GM’s transition to a zero-emissions future,” said GM President Mark Reuss in the statement. “Both commercial and retail customers will benefit from the EV experience, from exhilarating acceleration to low cost of operation, versatility and ability to customize after the sale. GM is ideally positioned to provide EVs for every customer in every segment, retail or commercial.”

The GMC HUMMER EV Pickup comes with luxury features like removable Infinity Roof panels. It also boasts the ability to do a “crabwalk” and drive diagonally, and has an “extract mode” to navigate over boulders and water.

While all this sounds quite impressive, the car's high price range makes it unavailable for most of us. Luckily, GM plans on producing 30 more electric models over the next four years, guaranteeing that some will definitely be more affordable than this model like the BrightDrop EV600. This last model is a great example of an affordable electric vehicle and FedEx seems to agree as the firm has already ordered 500 of these. 

GM has a lofty goal of only selling zero-emissions vehicles by 2035 and has invested more than $4 billion specifically in EV production and another nearly $5 billion on battery cell manufacturing.

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