Google and NASA Give You an Incredible Virtual Tour of Mars

Follow in the tracks of the Curiosity Rover and see what a future on Mars could really look like.

Mars -- it's the world's new 'final frontier.' Companies big and small are investing resources into being the first to land on the Red Planet. Scientists have been studying Mars for decades in attempts to discover more about its history and, ultimately, our own. 

NASA and Google programmers recently partnered up to provide the world a glimpse as to what walking around on Mars's surface could one day look like. 

Rather than dream up fantastical plans that would make Elon Musk proud, NASA used visuals from one of its most popular Mars rovers -- Curiosity. The Curiosity Rover has amassed over 200,000 images since it landed in 2012. NASA's in-house VR team stitched together those images in order to give an immersive experience that could benefit scientists and the general public alike. 

Elon Musk Just Unveiled Plans to Land Cargo Ships on Mars as Early as 2022

Elon Musk Just Unveiled Plans to Land Cargo Ships on Mars as Early as 2022

The VR program even provides a map of the area with stats about distance, landmarks, and research history. NASA Mars specialist Katie Stack Morgan gives an in-depth commentary as well. Morgan has worked as a planetary geologist for the Mars Science Laboratory mission since 2012 and is very familiar with Curiosity and its findings. 

You can download the VR experience here

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