Google Photos Just Added a Feature That Can Search by Word Recognition

Google Photos just made it way easier for you to find that priceless shot you took of your AirBnB wifi password.

Most of us love to take a million pictures and screenshots of every important (or not so important) part of our lives, but then scroll for ages through a bottomless self-generated photo feed and can never seem to find that one picture you really wanted to show your best friend later on. 


Google Photos just became your new best friend by rolling out Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on all photos within the Google Photos.

In-app translation

This new capability will make it possible for you to locate that peskily elusive screenshot you took of your new Ticketmaster password or that hilarious shot you took of a funny street sign on your trip to Germany. And, as the new feature will offer in-app translation, you can now find out what that funny sign meant in the first place! 

You can now search with simple keywords and then click on the lens once you discover the photo you wanted to copy/paste its inherent text anyplace you please. Having previously used object recognition in much this same capacity to keep your photo files in some kind of working order, this new feature refines your ability to find what you're looking for in a great deal less time and can work on pretty much any ordinary photo that includes text. 

The translation feature may come in handy for more than fun if you are traveling and need an immediate answer about what a given package or menu might say. If nothing else, this latest from Google Photos will certainly help you with quickly hunting down long-winded account numbers, wifi passwords, or confirmation tickets when you don't have time to scroll past five years' worth of your best photographic moments. 


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