Google's Updated App May Allow Online Searches through Direct Screenshots

Who needs to type out a question, when you can simply snap a photo?

Rumors that Google may add a screenshot search feature to its 10.61 app are floating around, and they sound likely to be true. The information has been dug up by 9 to 5 Google.

Pairing together two screen features — the 'Edit and share screenshots' and 'What's on my screen' — Google will add another dimension to its online search engine, the 'Lens.' 

Thanks to the added 'Lens' button on Google, it will be able to take 'smart screenshots.' 


What is a 'smart screenshot'?

The latest version of the 10.61 Google app will supposedly add a new feature, 'smart screenshots,' through an updated four-button toolbar on Google. 

All you'll have to do is snap a screenshot and click 'search.' 

The toolbar looks much the same, with the options to click 'edit,' 'share,' and to send your screenshots through your preferred app, and will now feature a 'lens' button. 

Google's Updated App May Allow Online Searches through Direct Screenshots
Source: Google Lens

Through 'Lens,' you will be able to search online and perform optical character recognition (OCR) — an electronic conversion of typed or handwritten texts into machine-encoded texts — or find options that look visually similar.

Google's Updated App May Allow Online Searches through Direct Screenshots
The 'Lens' tool within the Google Search toolbar. Source: 9 to 5 Google

The tools currently used via Google's toolbar, Cropping, Editing, and Annotating, will most likely stay the same. 

What's also yet to be disclosed, as Google has not however officially reported when the 'Lens' function will be rolled out, is whether the 'Lens' option will only use screenshots taken via its Google Search, or if regular screenshots from different apps will also work. 

It does look likely, though, that this new search option will replace regular screen searches, making the entire experience a seamless and fast one. 

Searching online looks like it may just become faster and faster, with Google Search leading the way with just the press of a button. 

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