This Year's Hottest Halloween Costume is Smoking Galaxy Note7

This Year's Hottest Halloween Costume is Smoking Galaxy Note7

samsungcostume[Image Courtesy of Chris Kiley/Facebook]

Just when the U.S. thought Ken Bone's red sweater would be the best Halloween costume, one man comes along and wins Halloween.

Samsung's avalanche of issues inspired Chris Kiley to craft the incredibly creative Exploding Galaxy Note 7 costume. He debuted his creation via Facebook, and it's going viral.

This Halloween I'm going as a fire hazard ?
#note7 #note7recall #halloween

Posted by Chris Kiley on Thursday, 13 October 2016

Using what appears to be a tube system under his shirt, Kiley blows smoke through the six Note 7 boxes strapped to his chest. We highly doubt he bought all six of them, and we get a gut feeling finding those boxes wouldn't be that difficult given the nation-wide recalls.

He should probably avoid all airports around Halloween though...

Via Facebook

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