5 Million People Already Left Coronavirus-Infected Wuhan before Imposed Travel Restrictions

More coronavirus cases are expected to emerge on a daily basis.
Fabienne Lang
Health Screening in Shanghai Pudong Airport near the city of WuhanPtrump16/Wikimedia Commons

As the coronavirus epidemic keeps growing, with five cases now confirmed in the U.S., Zhou Xianwang, the Mayor of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, said that five million people left the city prior to its lockdown. 

Mayor Zhou stated that he believed at least 1,000 of the suspected 3,000 diagnosed cases will become the highly-contagious coronavirus. 

China's National Health Commission director, Ma Xiaowei, stated that the virus has an incubation period of approximately 14 days, meaning people can infect others before knowing they even have the virus. 


The coronavirus so far

As of Sunday, the coronavirus is responsible for 80 confirmed deaths in China, a jump up from 56 the day before. There are 2,744 infections currently being observed in China. 

Around the world, the numbers keep escalating as well. The U.S. confirmed a total of five cases on Sunday, and infections are also affecting people in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Japan, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Macao, and Nepal. 

In an attempt to enable infected people to "come forward", China has said that they won't ask any patients to pay their related medical bills. 

There is a current travel ban in and out of Wuhan. All public transport in the 11-million people-strong city has come to a halt, and flights and trains out of the city have also been banned. 

Sixteen cities around Wuhan have been placed under a travel ban, grounding roughly a total of 50 million citizens.

International airlines have also started blocking flights in and out of Wuhan, and some airports and countries are imposing quarantine methods. 

China, among other countries, is celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, a national holiday which started on Friday, during which many citizens travel to visit their families. The public holiday has likely added to the rapid and increasing spread of the virus. 

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