A Coronavirus Hand Washing Guide is Making the Rounds

In stressful times the guide is offering a good outline on how to properly wash hands.
Loukia Papadopoulos

When it comes to protecting yourselves against the deadly coronavirus, you can never be too careful. China has been begging for face masks and protective gear, and people on airplanes have even been spotted with full transparent masks. Now, one Redditor has posted a visual representation of how to properly wash your hands in order to avoid the virus.


It might seem self-evident, and one would assume that washing hands is a straightforward endeavor, but it seems there are actually spots people miss quite often.

The map is colored in yellow, orange, and red, indicating the least often missed areas, the often-missed areas, and the most commonly missed areas. 

At the caption on the top says: "In light of the coronavirus outbreak, this is a good guide for hand washing."

Now, there is no indication that it comes from any medical establishment or professional, which sort of puts its validity into question. However, it does state the inscription Taylor L. Nursing Time,74, 54 (1978), which could refer to a nursing school.

Furthermore, one poster on the site does make an important point about hand-washing,

"Next time you're in a public restroom watch how most people "wash" their hands. Most people lazily rub their palms together for 2 seconds, and some just put soap on the palm then let it rinse without scrubbing. Both of those "techniques" will miss the fingers and thumbs; you know, the parts that touch the most surface." says user blue-crab.

If this is indeed true, it does indeed serve as a helpful reminder that we should go the extra mile to ensure that our hands are as clean as they can possibly be. What do you think of the map? Do you relate to the most commonly missed areas, or do you make sure to always wash your hands thoroughly?

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