Alleged Oxygen Shortage Killed Four in a COVID-19 Ward in Egyptian ICU Unit

The shocking event was caught on camera by one of the patient's relatives.
Fabienne Lang
ICU medical staff in EgyptDuha Ashraf/Twitter

Allegedly, every coronavirus patient in an ICU unit at Egypt's El Husseineya Central Hospital died on Saturday due to the ward's oxygen supply failing. The officials, however, are stating that only four patients died, not the entire ward.

The shocking event was caught on camera by one of the patient's relatives, and shows images of exhausted and bereaved medical staff.

The oxygen levels in the ward were supposedly down to just two percent, and there wasn't enough pressure to keep treating the COVID-19 patients, reported the Middle East Monitor.


According to the Middle East Monitor, this is the second time COVID-19 patients die in an Egyptian hospital due to lack of oxygen. Tragically, ICU patients at Zefta General Hospital supposedly died of similar reasons. 

However, Egyptian officials are denying these claims.

The country's Health Minister, Hala Zayed, explained that the patients did not die due to lack of oxygen.

The Director of Al-Husseiniya Central Hospital, Dr. Muhammad Sami Al-Najjar, also denied the issue of the lack of oxygen, claiming that the situation was "normal," and that patients had died from "natural causes, from old age or other chronic diseases." 

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And the governor of Ash Sharqia, the province where the hospital is located, stated only four patients died, not the entire ward, as wrote the Middle East Monitor.

Some comments claim that the person who filmed and reported these fateful events has been brought to the police for questioning, but this is yet to be confirmed. 

Without an official report from governing bodies, it's hard to know what the exact cause of death for these patients at the Egyptian ICU ward is.

As the COVID-19 vaccines roll out in certain countries, the hope is that fewer people will die of the virus, and hospital ICU units won't be overwhelmed.

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