Erectile Dysfunction and Antidepressant Drugs Mixed Up In Bottling

The pharmaceutical company issued the drug recall this week.
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On Monday, Tennessee-based pharmaceutical company, AvKARE, recalled hundreds of bottles of medication following a mix up during the bottling process between two drugs. One is for erectile dysfunction, the other is an antidepressant. 

The recall is for AvKARE's generic sildenafil, used to treat erectile dysfunction, and the other is trazodone, an antidepressant and sleep aid. Needless to say, mixing the two up isn't good.

Both AvKARE and the FDA published official statements on the matter. 


The recall itself is relatively small, with just one single lot of each medication, affecting 100 bottles of sildenafil and 1,000 bottles of trazodone. However small the recall may be, patients who take the wrong medication could face serious health concerns. 

In particular, unintentionally taking sildenafil can lower blood pressure and be problematic when taken with other medication, for instance for those taking nitrates against diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease — reported the FDA

What's also worrying is that elderly patients who are looking for a little assistance for some "fun" may wind up ingesting trazodone instead. The medication is used to treat serious depression and can cause sedation, dizziness, constipation, and blurred vision, wrote the FDA.

These side-effects could prove dangerous when someone unintentionally takes the drug and then drives a car, for example. We're hoping people aren't out driving their cars while popping erectile dysfunction pills, but who are we to judge.

The two products were unintentionally swapped at a third-party facility, the name of which has not yet been disclosed. The pills have since been distributed nationwide. 

Anyone in possession of one of these drugs with the following label should not consume them, and should call or email AvKARE to return the recalled product:

Erectile Dysfunction and Antidepressant Drugs Mixed Up In Bottling
Trazodone in lot numbered 36783 with expiration date June 2022. Source: AvKARE
Erectile Dysfunction and Antidepressant Drugs Mixed Up In Bottling
Sildenafil in lot numbered 36884 with expiration date March 2022. Source: AvKARE

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