Friday's Google Doodle Sweetly Yet Stringently Urges You to "Stay Home. Save Lives."

Google has created a way of sharing coronavirus tips and news through its Google Doodle.
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With the majority of the world in an ongoing medical crisis during the coronavirus outbreak, the most widespread piece of advice to be shared is for as many people to stay home. 

Google has joined in this sound advice sharing and has posted a sweet but important message: Stay Home. Save Lives.

Put simply, by staying home, less contamination is possible, thus fewer people become infected, thus medical systems become less overwhelmed, thus more lives are saved. You get the idea. 


What the Google Doodle mentions

The chief advice during the COVID-19 pandemic, which today's Google Doodle explains, is to stay at home. As the coronavirus seems to easily spread through human to human contact, limiting that human contact is crucial.

Many governments have already limited their citizens' movements outside of their homes, but there are still many nations that see people taking to the streets and seemingly carrying on with their lives. 

By substituting its regular landing page with this important message, Google, which has a huge worldwide reach, has joined the fight against the coronavirus. Google takes it one step further so that when you click on the Doodle you're redirected to another page that offers tips for what to do while confined at home.

Maybe it's time to start learning that new language you've always wanted to do, or take that online course, get back in touch with loved ones over a phonecall, perhaps paint more, or play an instrument, join in one of the myriad free online workout sessions available — the list is endless. 

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Moreover, the Google page also offers tips on how to avoid catching or spreading the coronavirus, primarily sourced from the World Health Organization website as well as whichever regional authority the user is based in. 

Aside from staying at home, a couple more important tips are keeping a safe two meters (six feet) or more distance from others when you do have to leave your home (to go food shopping for instance) and washing your hands regularly. In order to properly work, the latter has to be carried out for a minimum of 20 seconds each time.  

So, what will you read, learn, create, or connect with while staying at home this weekend? 

Friday's Google Doodle Sweetly Yet Stringently Urges You to "Stay Home. Save Lives."
How to wash hands properly, Source: Google
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