Gamer Fitted with 'Venom Snake' Bionic Arm from Metal Gear Solid

The 29-year-old said that having Snake’s arm in real life is "just unbelievable."
Irmak Bayrakdar
The photo credit line may appear like thisOpen Bionics

A 29-year-old gamer from Reading, U.K. was fitted with a brand new bionic arm that is the exact replica of the Metal Gear Solid game series’ protagonist Venom Snake’s arm —  without the weapons, of course. The companies behind the project are UK-based bionics company Open Bionics and the Japanese gaming giant Konami.

The recipient of the Venom Snake bionic arm, Daniel Melville, was born without a hand and had been wearing another Hero Arm from Open Bionics, the company’s multi-grip bionic arm model, for the last three years until he received his new prosthesis. 

Venom Snake in real life 

Melville, being an avid gamer, was thrilled to wear his new 3D printed bionic arm. Reportedly, his favorite game was Metal Gear Solid, and Venom Snake his favorite character. He said that “This is unbelievable. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted from a bionic arm. I’m an avid gamer and love Metal Gear Solid so much and to actually have Snake’s arm in real life is just insane.” after donning his new prosthesis. 

And who is Venom Snake? He is the protagonist of the game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While he was working as a medic, Snake lost his arm in an explosion. As a result, he has been using a bionic arm, equipped with missiles and other weapons to help him fight his enemies.

Much more than bionic arms

About their recent bionic arm collaboration with Open Bionics, Takayuki Kubo, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., said “We’re incredibly excited to collaborate with Open Bionics, who are at the cutting edge of robotics. We’re thrilled to see the iconic Metal Gear aesthetic of Venom Snake and his bionic arm burst out of the screen and come to life, in a dynamic fusion of technology and design that is changing the lives of the upper limb amputees all over the world.” in the press release

This new Venom Snake bionic arm is a covered version of the company's "Hero Arm" model. The Hero Arm comes in many covers including Iron Man and Alita: Battle Angel. The company makes 3D-printed bionic arms for everyone over the age of 8. 

Open Bionics aims to turn users' prosthetics experience around; by using superhero covers, these Hero Arms turn their wearers' weaknesses into their strengths. 


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