Juul's new high-tech vape can verify a user's age

The e-cigarette company is seeking FDA's approval after last year's ban.
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Juul, the e-cigarette brand which was banned in the US last year, is once again seeking the Food and Drug Administration’s approval for a new and updated version of its product.

The new e-cigarette has new technology that will restrict access to anyone underage. The product will come with a mobile and web-based app enabling age-verification technology. The technology includes “device-locking, and real-time product information and usage insights for age-verified consumers with industry-leading data-privacy protections,” said the company in a press release.

Juul has submitted a Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA), which is an FDA prerequisite that demands a company provide scientific data that demonstrates a product is appropriate for the protection of public health.

Teen vaping epidemic

Juul was previously banned because its PMTA lacked sufficient evidence regarding the toxicology of the products.

E-cigarettes have especially been popular amongst teenagers. Interesting Engineering reported that a 2019 federal survey found that one in every four high school goers in the US had used an e-cigarette in the previous 30 days.

The new product will also have a unique Pod ID chip to prevent the use of counterfeit cartridges. The e-cigarette will be Bluetooth-enabled with a larger, long-lasting battery and a “smart light system” that communicates battery life and e-liquid level to the user.

Juul said it was seeking to sell tobacco-flavored pods at a nicotine concentration of less than 2%, as per a report by Reuters.

Already launched in the UK, the press release said, “Initial behavioral research of the new platform in the UK has demonstrated compelling adoption and switching among adult smokers. Over 32% of JUUL2 System users have switched completely from combustible cigarettes 6 months after purchasing the product.”

As Juul attempts to come back into the good books of the public with its new, high-tech e-cigarette, let’s not forget that it nearly went bankrupt after agreeing to pay $462 million in settlement to six states and Washington, DC, over claims of its devices causing addiction in minors, as per a report by Gizmodo.

“Our next-generation vapor platform PMTA is built on new technology that advances public-health objectives and compelling science that demonstrates a clear public-health benefit, as required to secure a marketing authorization. We look forward to engaging with FDA throughout the review process while we pursue this important harm-reduction opportunity,” said Joe Murillo, chief regulatory officer at Juul.

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