Live or Die on Instagram: A Man Is Eating Only Raw Meat for 82 Days

This could cause some complications.
Can Emir
He has been eating raw meat for 82 days.Rawmeatexperiment/Instagram

We all know the dangers of undercooked chicken and the various harmful bacteria that meat of all kinds can house. Then again, there are lots of traditional dishes that are prepared with raw meat that originated in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa; notable examples include carpaccio, tartare, kitfo and Ossenworst. 

But eating raw meat is generally not recommended as it might contain harmful bacteria such as  Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, Yersinia, and E. coli that can be eradicated by simply cooking. 

In spite of all of the things mentioned above, an Instagrammer has been eating raw meat for 82 days, claiming that he is on a quest to eat raw meat at Whole Foods every day until he dies from bacteria, and wants to see “if he lives for 5 days or 500 years”.

He documents his eating habit on his Instagram page and shoots videos while eating raw minced meat and raw cow brains while chugging them with milk or raw eggs in front of the store he buys the raw meat. 

He says his favorite meals are chicken breast, steak, and swordfish and somehow he's managed to avoid severe food poisoning so far.

The anonymous man claims that he began the experiment after he had felt ill while eating a mainly plant-heavy diet and said in an Instagram story, "When I started eating steak and eggs for breakfast, instead of bagels and smoothies, I felt full for most of the day, and stable, instead of getting dizzy from a carb crash, my pain started to go away.”

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Besides risking his life by eating raw, if raw meat is the only thing he eats he is likely to face other health issues like scurvy, hemorrhoids, and even constipation.

His experiment is welcomed by some of his 85.5 thousand followers, while many people are disgusted by his eating habits.

And you might be surprised to hear that but he is not the only one on the internet to eat raw food. There is a Nebraskan man, Weston Rowe, who says that he’s been eating raw chicken for years and never even gotten close to being sick. And then there is the Liver King, who eats raw meat, testicles, liver, and bone marrow, claiming that his diet is the key to being fit.

While a new study debunks the theory “meat made us human” this man is trying to prove a new theory, “eating uncooked meat can kill us”.