The new commentary from researchers in the UK could confirm 30 years of research showing a causal link between herpes and Alzheimer's disease.

Shelby Rogers | 7/15/2018

A Chinese teenage boy inserted a USB cable into his urethra and got it tangled inside his body. Doctors had to perform a surgery to get the cord removed.

Kashyap Vyas | 7/12/2018

New research details how electronic cigarettes could plague a smoker's blood pressure more than standard cigarettes.

Shelby Rogers | 7/11/2018

This new gene editing research could give doctors a chance to cure genetic disorders long before a baby is born.

Shelby Rogers | 7/10/2018

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A new measure added to Australia's already strict “no jab, no pay” policy will see parents who do not vaccinate their children face monthly fines.

Let's take a look at the science of napping, what the best kinds of naps are and how taking a nap in the afternoon can help you live a more productive life.

Megan Ray Nichols | 7/9/2018

Your subjective age, or the age you feel you are might actually impact your health. A new study has shown that people who feel younger have healthier brain matter.

Jessica Miley | 7/9/2018

A controversial genetic editing technique showed inconsistent but promising results in passing down edited genes from one generation to the next.

Shelby Rogers | 7/8/2018

A new HIV vaccine is now one of five vaccines to ever reach advanced human trials, bringing the world one step closer to combating the HIV pandemic.

Shelby Rogers | 7/8/2018