MIT engineers have developed a low-cost prosthetic foot that mimics the way its user naturally walks.

Jessica Miley | 7/3/2018

An old movie about a submarine navigating the human blood stream inspired one physicist to develop his own swimming exploratory device.

Shelby Rogers | 6/30/2018

New UV Disinfection Robots have the ability to sanitize healthcare facilities fare better than humans - and they are already sanitizing hospitals around the world.

Maverick Baker | 6/28/2018

These electrospun, biodegradable bandages could finally offer a solution to the painful and frustrating problem of mouth ulcers.

Shelby Rogers | 6/28/2018

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Johns Hopkins University engineers applied recent research in neural biology and developed an ultra-sensitive, revolutionary coating for prosthetic hands.

Shelby Rogers | 6/24/2018

Researchers developed a way to embed electrode arrays into sweet gummy bears to make it easier for doctors to monitor their patients.

Shelby Rogers | 6/23/2018

A report published this week revealed the first ever recorded instance of a tattoo responsible for chronic pain caused by inflammatory myopathy.

Cigarette manufacturers' websites will now have to post court-ordered warnings about the deadly health effects of smoking.

Penn State researchers developed a nanoparticle structure that could sneak cancer-killing drugs past the disease's defenses by using tumor cells.

Shelby Rogers | 6/20/2018